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Earthquake Sensing
LED Driver IC

Unlike current emergency LED lighting, it is a technology that combines seismic detection, over-voltage /overheating regulation, AC direct-drive driver, and battery charging function into one LED Driver IC


AC Direct LED drive Solution

3rd Generation AC direct LED driver IC for earthquake sensing

  • Doesn’t require a separate power supply
  • Integrated into one IC – seismic detection, overvoltage/overheating regulation, AC direct-drive driver, and battery charging function
  • It is possible to develop LED lighting with cost-effectiveness and competitive edge.
  • Capable of withstanding an over-voltage range up to 200%

AC direct type T8 LED TUBE including earthquake sensing function

LPWAN Solution

Measure anything within a 30Km radius of the gateway

  • End-to-End solution from one manufacturer guarantees compatibility and reliability
  • The world’s longest range LPWAN Gateway (20 KM +)
  • Listen-before-talk technology allows data transfers at most opportune times
  • Patented technology makes it easy to apply security updates to sensors

MATCH-X provides

  • LoRa Gateway
  • LoRa DEV kit
  • LoRa Cloud

LPWAN Application

  • Smart City
  • Agriculture
  • Logistics
  • And many more