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ENLINK Solution

AC Direct led driver IC

We provide the 30W, 50W one chip AC direct LED driver IC. it is most competitive in power, size and BOM solution made by “pure analog technology”. it is field proven product in various LED lighting makers.

led lighting solution

We provide the total LED lighting solution with our AC direct driver IC such as factory lighting, flood lighting, street lighting, bulb, LED tube,etc from 20W to 1,000W

Lpwan solution

We provide LPWAN solution from LoRa WAN node module to LoRa WAN gateway. also we provide mesh network solution

Mesh lora module

We provide niceRF KC certified LoRa Mesh module – LoRa611Pro

blockchain solution

MXProtocol will be the standard used for machine to machine (M2M) communication between LPWAN devices. Using MXProtocol will solve the problem of data collision on LPWAN networks and create the platform for smart bidding, and data trade between permissionless blockchains.

rescue solution

Octasic provides LTE-based private networks for public safety market. Octasic’s public safety network is deployed as LTE bubbles which can be configured to provide mission-critical grade service. Moreover Octasic’s solution can guarantee robustness, frequency agility (including band 14), priority access, cost reduction and Tetra/P25 interoperability.

engineering service

We provide the engineering service from concept design to manufacturing in the industrial area. (controller, sensor, network, server…)