The PA0101 is a high-performance AC direct input LED driver IC which can support 110/220Vac input voltage ranges. The PA0101 can drive up to 10W at 220Vac and 20W with external FET. It supports constant power mode for LED lighting systems. It can support Triac dimming input. With patented Current Waveform-Tailored (CWT) technique, the device can automatically adjust current waveform to achieve very low harmonics, high power factor and high power efficiency with low EMI level. The PA0101 provides very simple applications with very small number of external components for LED lighting systems.


  • Low Cost AC Direct LED Driver
  • Operating Power
    • 20W @ 220VAC(with ex. FET)
    • 16W @ 120VAC(with ex. FET)
  • Input Voltage: 110VAC/220VAC
  • Good Line Regulation
    • Constant Power support
  • TRIAC Dimming Support
  • Very Low BOM
  • OVP, OTP support
  • ESOP-8
  • Under Mass Production


Much more competitive than SMPS

Much more competitive than other AC direct LED driver ICs