ENLINK was established in 2013 and is focusing on the analog and digital technology convergence. 

In the results, we provide the AC LED driver IC, AC LED lighting, System LED applications, LPWAN IoT, Industrial control system, etc. to our partners.

Especially, new AC LED driver IC ELK-EE3200 includes the earthquake sensing and 32bit arm processor, helps to sense earthquake and warn to peoples in the building.

Our team always hope to challenge, enjoy, share with our partners and make win-win business.

Hope you are also our partner to make a valuable business.


Developer : LIM DONG-WOOK

  • Over voltage protection with power shift method(patent no: 10-2017-0054233)
  • Device for plant growing with LED lighting(patent: 10-2017-001942)

Government R&D Projects

  • Earthquake sensing & Emergency lighting drive IC
  • Gas flow sensor
  • Plant grow SMART LED lighting system


  • ELK-AC2500: 25W AC Direct LED Driver IC
  • ELK-C35xx: 35W COB LED engine
  • ELK-S50W: 50W SMART Street LED light
  • ELK-P30B: SMART BLE control plant growing LED light
  • ELK-R1000: 30W Raceway LED Light
  • LoRa Sensor Network Solution: Private LoRa network in nationwide
  • ELK-S500GP : Gas flow sensor module