ENLINK was established in 2013 with the aim of developing and distributing valuable products in the world by combining analog and digital technologies.

Most of the analog areas have been solved by digital technology but it haven’t been solved at power area perfectly. We are trying to make a perfect power solution with analog and digital convergence..
Our ELK-SLxxxx series is one of analog & digital technology convergence products. It is not simple AC direct LED driver IC. More enhanced and intelligent, small package IC for smart LED lighting.
With this IC, we plan to launch new product to sense an earthquake and emergency light in this year.
And also we will expand with our IC to IoT smart LED lighting and system in next year.

Our company name is ENLINK. It means everything could link and ENLINK can do. We are going to create a win-win business with partner through joint development & business. Also we are going to expand our area to global with our partners.
We are looking for trust partner always and hope to create, enjoy, share together.


Developer : LIM DONG-WOOK

  • Over voltage protection with power shift method(patent no: 10-2017-0054233)
  • Device for plant growing with LED lighting(patent: 10-2017-001942)

Government R&D Projects

  • Earthquake sensing & Emergency lighting drive IC
  • Gas flow sensor
  • Plant grow SMART LED lighting system


  • ELK-AC2500: 25W AC Direct LED Driver IC
  • ELK-C35xx: 35W COB LED engine
  • ELK-S50W: 50W SMART Street LED light
  • ELK-P30B: SMART BLE control plant growing LED light
  • ELK-R1000: 30W Raceway LED Light
  • LoRa Sensor Network Solution: Private LoRa network in nationwide
  • ELK-S500GP : Gas flow sensor module