Earthquake Sensing function T8 LED TUBE


  • Configuration : ELK-EE3200 + 18650 Li-ion battery + LED Chip array + Case
  • When earthquake & disaster, can alarm through normal LED lighting in indoor
  • Buzzer or LED blinking alarm
  • When Fire & Power outage disaster, our product helps people escape from a dangerous place with continuous LED ON

Advantage & Benefits

  • No need AC-DC conversion SMPS and direct AC power connect to T8 LED Tube because of using POLARIS ELK-3200
  • Internal earthquake sensor and programmable MCU analysis an earthquake pattern and make the decision of next action operation
  • Programmable MCU also can control LED lighting brightness when power outage using Li-Ion 18650 battery. It can extend battery operating time
  • Using our special voltage upconverter can put a circuit in a small space
  • Can make a low price an earthquake sensing & emergency LED lighting with the simple circuit, small space design, direct AC-DC conversion