LPWAN solution

We provide LPWAN solution from LoRa WAN node module to LoRa WAN gateway. also we provide mesh network solution

Mesh loRa module

LoRa611Pro is a wireless transceiver data transmission module, based on SX1276/1278 chips from Semtech. This module adopts LoRa technology to achieve high effective sensitivity and superior anti-interference. The communication distance and receiver sensitivity are far exceeds the FSK, GFSK modulation. For better security, the module uses AES128 encryption. LoRa611Pro has 100mW output power and TTL/RS232/RS485 interface available. It is widely applied in meter reading, remote industrial control, etc.

LoRa wan gateway

The MatchX LPWAN Gateway is a feature rich LoRaWAN gateway with models certified around the globe. With Listen-Before-Talk technology (available in Europe, Japan and South Korea), MatchX Gateways are built to avoid data-collision, ensuring the reliable transmission of your data.


Various sensors