search & rescue solution

Octasic provides LTE-based private networks for public safety market.


The OCTBTS 3500 is a dual-sector software defined base station platform that supports any combination of GSM, HSPA, or LTE sectors, or custom waveforms. 


The OCTBTS 8500 is a mini base station designed for quick maneuver applications; it supports all 4G/3G /2G and CDMA cellular standards and a wide range of frequency bands between 700MHz and 2.7GHz. It comes in 2 configurations (North America & Worldwide). Each configuration covers up to 21 3GPP bands around the world. The OCTBTS 8500 offers quick and seamless cellular deployments using its SON functionality. This feature detects available spectrum and adapts to changing environments.


The ELK-EE3200 is an AC direct LED power drive IC with earthquake sensing